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Express Printing Now!

Ever circled around the library's computers in a cold sweat, disc or memory stick in hand, waiting for one to become available so that you could print that essay due in 10 minutes?

Well your circling days are over! We now have an Express Printing station in the Reference Room (follow the bright green signs) where you can quickly print your Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents.

To insure that we keep the "express" in Express Printing", we have set it up so that it can be used for printing only - no editing, no e-mailing, no web surfing. Which also means that the document has to either be on a portable device (disc, memory stick, etc.) or the J: or P: drives. And because you log in to your student account, you can use your print credits.

We think you're going to like this new service. Scratch that, we know you're going to like it.

Laptop Printing Here!

Those who like to bring their laptop to the library to take advantage of our wireless access (and there are lots of you) should be even happier.

Now when you are searching Novanet, or our journal databases, or writing those brilliant essays when you're sitting in those purple armchairs, you can conveniently print the results of all that hard work on the library's printers. Just go to for information on setting it all up, troubleshooting, etc. (it's not that complicated).

Because this is is a pilot project, it does not yet have full technical support and so far it seems to work better with Windows XP and Mac O/S than with Vista. But we're working on that.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, e-mail so that we can forward them to the appropriate tech people.

Like other campus printing, print credits will be charged against your "S" account (and don't worry, if the …

Finally, a new New Books list

It's been a while since I posted a list of some of our newest books. So here they are (remember that if you see something you like, simply copy and paste the title into the Novanet catalogue to get the call number and determine its availability):


The know-it-all: one man's humble quest to become the smartest person in the world / A.J. Jacobs

Good and real: demystifying paradoxes from physics to ethics / Gary Drescher

Reshaping reason: toward a new philosophy / John McCumber

Spinoza’s book of life: freedom and redemption in the Ethics / Steven B. Smith

Educating the human brain / Michael Posner

Euclid in the rainforest: discovering universal truth in logic and math / Joseph Mazur

Plato’s fable: on the moral condition in shadowy times / Joshua Mitchell

Intricate ethics: rights, responsibilities and permissible harm / F.M. Kamm


The Oxford handbook of religion and science / Ed. by Philip Clayton

Church and state in Canada / Albert Menendez

A church divided: German Protesta…

Back to normal

Finally! The renovations to the third floor have been (almost) completed - and just in time for the start of the Fall term.

I have been so busy emptying shelves, carrying books, shifting journals and re-assembling shelves that I have not been able to provide regular progress reports as we moved through the process.

But we have managed to accomplish just about everything we had promised:

- New flooring throughout. We have replaced the original 32-year-old carpeting with a clean, quiet and environmentally-sensitive carpet tile that also looks great

- The book collection (PR4000-Z) has been moved to the beginning of the room so that it follows naturally from those on the second floor and re-oriented to visually separate it from the journal collection and to allow for light to flow through.

- The journal collection has been consolidated to better reflect the university's current research focus and to better complement our growing electronic offerings.

- Previously the floor housed only st…

3rd floor reno!!!!

We would like to let you know about some changes which will be occurring in the library over the course of the summer.....

The library is currently in the midst of a comprehensive planning process to insure that library space is utilized to the utmost benefit of the university’s students, faculty and staff. Our intention is to critically assess all three floors of our study, collection storage and work areas and to implement those changes which will contribute to our goal of providing a comfortable, effective, congenial and stimulating environment for the Saint Mary’s research community.

In all of our deliberations we have been guided by the many thoughtful ideas, comments and opinions conveyed to us by our users in the recent LibQual survey. Needless to say, the ever-evolving, technology-driven nature of contemporary scholarly research and communication has been a crucial consideration. And all of it has been framed by the principles and objectives outlined in the university’s Acade…

Summer (I mean Spring!) Reading

Need something good to read? Here are some of the books recently added to the Library's collection:


The philosophy of enchantment: studies in folktale, cultural criticism, and anthropology /
R.G. Collingwood; edited by David Boucher, Wendy James, and Philip Smallwood
Spinoza's book of life: freedom and redemption in the ethics / Steven B. Smith
Subjectivity and selfhood: investigating the first-person perspective / Dan Zahavi
Understanding people: normativity and rationalizing explanation / Alan Millar
An argument for mind / Jerome Kagan
On determinism and freedom / Ted Honderich
Mourning and modernity: essays in the psychoanalysis of contemporary society / Isaac
D. Balbus
Moral skepticisms / Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
This changes everything: the relational revolution in psychology / Christina Robb


Authentic fakes: religion and American popular culture / David Chidester
Thinking through myths: phil…

The end's in sight...

Classes are over for the year - the last papers have (hopefully) been shipped out - the "only" things left are those pesky exams. A few more days and you'll be free. Just... a... bit... more... sweat and blood. And there's no better place to sweat and ... study than the library. That's why we've extended our hours so that we're open every night till 11:00 right to the last day of exams (for all our hours go here).

So good luck! Do well! And we'll see you in September. And if you're graduating, thanks for the memories (I know, I know, we don't even have any memories but I wanted to end with something really profound and this was the best I could come up with-Billie Joe Armstrong I'm not)

The Library on SMUport

A little more convenience in your (academic) lives....

Now when you log on to SMUport your eyes will be drawn to the centre of the page. That's where the library lives. We (actually, our systems librarian Peter Webster) have designed a great little presence for the library which allows you direct and easy access to many of our most important resources and services.

You can do quick searches of Novanet or for journal articles. Or you can follow links to our web site, our hours and contact info - even to this blog! Check it out the next time you're in SMUport.
This is all part of our plan to meet you wherever you are. Hmmm, maybe we should be in MySpace or, better yet, Facebook (I don't think I'm ready for Second Life). What do you think? Drop me a line (comment on this post).

- Ron

A shorter list this time....

Here are some new book titles to peak your interest. Remember that, if there is a book about which you would like more information (call number, status, etc.), just copy and paste the title into the Novanet catalogue....

The Myth of religious superiority: multifaith explorations of religious pluralism / edited by Paul F. Knitter
Westward dharma: Buddhism beyond Asia / edited by Charles S. Prebish, Martin Baumann

A concise dictionary of first names / Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges.
Rediscovering the British world / edited by Phillip Buckner & R. Douglas Francis.
Nine visits to the mythworld / Ghandl of the Qayahl Llaanas; translated by Robert Bringhurst.
The secret Mulroney tapes: unguarded confessions of a prime minister / Peter C. Newman.

Marketing to women: how to increase your share of the world's largest market / Marti Barletta.
Small business survival book: 12 surefire ways for your business to survive and thrive / Barbara Weltman and …

Great News on Interlibrary Loans!

Ever had a book brought in from another library via interlibrary loan? Saint Mary's students and faculty can now take advantage of some significant improvements to the way interlibrary loans work. After lengthy negotiations, the universities in the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and western Canada have reached an agreement on resource sharing which will promote the easier movement of books and journal articles among the country's researchers. The most important changes are:

1. there will now be no charge for interlibrary loans of books among the participating schools
2. there will be a flat rate of $5 for journal articles, regardless of length - some of the larger research libraries used to charge up to $20 per article
3. the turnaround time will be 4 days which means that, allowing for shipment, books should be in the hands of the researcher 10-12 days after a request was initiated. Journal articles, because they can be sent electronically, should not take longer than 4 days.


January's new titles

Some interesting stuff this month. Here are the newest books, hot off the press:

Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies? / Nancey Murphy
Crossing and dwelling: a theory of religion / Thomas A. Tweed
Contemporary varieties of religious experience: James's classic study in light of resiliency, temperament, and trauma / Lynn Bridgers; foreword by James W. Fowler
Dream catchers: how mainstream America discovered native spirituality / Philip Jenkins
Oba's story: Rastafari, purification, and power / by George D. Colman
Islam and liberty: the historical misunderstanding / Mohamed Charfi
Black church beginnings: the long-hidden realities of the first years / Henry H. Mitchell
How to read the Bible: history, prophecy, literature -- why modern readers need to know the difference, and what it means for faith today / Steven L. McKenzie

Red Hugh O'Donnell and the Nine Years War / Darren McGettigan
Sudan: the elusive quest for peace / Ruth Lyob, Gilbert M. Khadiagala

A New Year - A New Beginning...

...etc., etc., etc. How was the time off? Great? Busy? Slow? Weird? Too much food? Too much drink? Too much YouTube? It doesn't matter. It's ancient history now. It's January and you probably don't have an assignment due for at least a week.

So drop into the library, see your old friends, exchange New Year's Eve horror stories. We open at 8 and I figure the lineups at the computers will start forming around 9:30....

Have a great term!