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Summer (I mean Spring!) Reading

Need something good to read? Here are some of the books recently added to the Library's collection:


The philosophy of enchantment: studies in folktale, cultural criticism, and anthropology /
R.G. Collingwood; edited by David Boucher, Wendy James, and Philip Smallwood
Spinoza's book of life: freedom and redemption in the ethics / Steven B. Smith
Subjectivity and selfhood: investigating the first-person perspective / Dan Zahavi
Understanding people: normativity and rationalizing explanation / Alan Millar
An argument for mind / Jerome Kagan
On determinism and freedom / Ted Honderich
Mourning and modernity: essays in the psychoanalysis of contemporary society / Isaac
D. Balbus
Moral skepticisms / Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
This changes everything: the relational revolution in psychology / Christina Robb


Authentic fakes: religion and American popular culture / David Chidester
Thinking through myths: phil…