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Express Printing Now!

Ever circled around the library's computers in a cold sweat, disc or memory stick in hand, waiting for one to become available so that you could print that essay due in 10 minutes?

Well your circling days are over! We now have an Express Printing station in the Reference Room (follow the bright green signs) where you can quickly print your Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents.

To insure that we keep the "express" in Express Printing", we have set it up so that it can be used for printing only - no editing, no e-mailing, no web surfing. Which also means that the document has to either be on a portable device (disc, memory stick, etc.) or the J: or P: drives. And because you log in to your student account, you can use your print credits.

We think you're going to like this new service. Scratch that, we know you're going to like it.