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Been to the 3rd floor lately?

Many of you (to be more precise, 1538 of you) saw that SMUtube clip last year which asked students about their favorite campus hangout. Not surprisingly, the Gorsebrook took top spot (how do you compete with nachos and beer?). But coming in a close second was the third floor of the library. Perhaps it was the quiet, inspiring solitude which almost guarantees the production of classic essays-the brilliant work your Grade 5 teacher knew you were capable of. But it was more likely the changes it had recently undergone: reducing the shelving to make the room more open and brighter, replacing the tired old carpet and adding comfy new armchairs. Well now the third floor's even better. We've just installed brand new study carels. Aren't they pretty? Plus, if you look closely, you'll notice that all the chairs have also been replaced-and they have soft seats-for your soft seat! If you thought you wrote great papers before, wait till you try one of these. As you can see, the l…