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So what do you think?

Some of you may recall the survey the library conducted back in 2006. Well a lot has happened since then so we've decided to do it again.
It's our way of finding out exactly what you like (and don't like) about everything we do - our book collection and online journals, the way we help you at the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk, even the lighting and furniture.
It's an easy survey, only takes about 10 minutes, you can add your own comments as well and, as a thank you for participating, one Saint Mary's student will win a handy Dell Inspiron Mini 9 XP laptop (and there are smaller prizes too). For more info, go to our survey web page. Thanks and good luck!

Food For Fines

There's no shame in having overdue library books. It's a part of student life. It's a part of growing up, learning responsibility - like cleaning your room, paying rent, paying your cell phone bill on time (o.k., bad examples). After all, last term is now a distant memory. It was easy to forget that you borrowed those books on Jane Austen, postmodernism and the Aztecs (not for the same paper). Or you asked a friend to return them for you (they never do). Or they found their way under the bed/table/desk/pile of unfamiliar coats you and your roommates wore home from the Cunard Centre on New Year's eve.

But that's o.k. because the library's annual Food for Fines campaign was started to help people like you (and others). You see, for every non-perishable food item you drop off at the Circulation Desk between January 15 - 25, we will reduce your fine total by $2 (maximum $20). Plus, the food goes to the campus food bank so you're helping other Saint Mary's st…