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Doug Vaisey Retiring

After 39 years of wonderful public service, Doug Vaisey will be retiring as head of the Library’s Reference Department next week. 
Doug joined Saint Mary’s shortly after graduating from Dalhousie’s Library School.  It wasn’t long before he was helping plan the move to the newly constructed Patrick Power Library. 
As the library grew, so did the Reference Department.  Under Doug’s leadership, it quickly developed its reputation for unparalleled reference service and dedication to the Saint Mary’s research community, a reputation it maintains to this day.  Doug didn’t just preach the importance of great service, he served as its model, whether helping a struggling student with their first paper or a graduate student with the most challenging research needs. Countless Saint Mary’s students, past and present, got better grades because of his involvement.  And countless library school students and library staff were the beneficiaries of his rigorous training, encyclopedic knowledge and …

Off-campus Access Problems

We are currently experiencing a technical problem which prevents off-campus users from accessing the Library's databases.  Currently, anyone who goes to the Databases A-Z page or the Statistics page from off-campus and clicks one of the database titles may not be successful.  We hope to have the problem fixed ASAP. 

If you are having this problem, there is a solution:
On our homepage you will see quick links to some of our most popular databases (ABI, Ebsco, JSTOR, etc.). Click any one of those links (e,g, Ebsco).  At the authentication prompt, enter your S# and password.  You will then gain access to the database Go to the Databases A-Z  page or the Statistics page.  From there, you will be able to access any of the other databases (Sage,Web of Science, CANSIM, etc.).  In other words, the authentication you give for one of the five databases on the homepage will grant you access to the others, for as long as your web browser is open. Please note: The white "Books/Articles/All…