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Who Understands Copyright?

Not many people do.  Not only is it an incredibly complex subject, but the rules and regulations surrounding it are constantly being studied, debated and revised.

But, of course, that doesn't diminish its importance, especially in an academic environment where print and electronic material is being duplicated, re-packaged and re-distributed on a massive scale, on a daily basis.

Which is why Saint Mary's, with the Library's help, has created a new online Copyright Guide to help answer questions which faculty, students and staff may have about copyright and the fair use of intellectual property. 

It's in an easy-to-use format and full of information and should go a long way to clearing up some of the confusion surrounding copyright (not an easy task).  Out of necessity, it will be updated on a regular basis as new legislation is introduced, new agreements are signed, etc. It also has contact information if you have any questions or suggestions. 

So spend some time with …