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Talk on "Predatory Journals"

Our Systems Librarian, Peter Webster, will be giving a presentation on an important, emerging topic in the field of academic research.
Here's what he'll be talking about:
"There are growing concerns about "predatory journals" which  on the surface appear to be reputable,  but operate primarily to make money.  These journals  have poor or dishonest peer review, editorial and promotional practices,  and product poor quality articles. 
This session looks at the issues around “predatory” journals and other publications.  It will address the skills and knowledge students must develop to judge the quality of the articles they use,  as well as tools and approaches researchers can use to identify questionable journals, and publishers.   It will also look at the work that is still needed to ensure the quality and integrity of scholarly publications.
We will discuss issues with open access, as well as paid subscription journals; explore initiatives to weed out “predatory jou…