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Sorry, student jobs filled

The library is a great place to work. And Saint Mary's students especially like working here part-time while they go to school. Great environment, flexible hours and so on....So much so, that I'm afraid that we now have more than enough applications to fill all our needs. If it helps, there are sometimes vacancies after Christmas so, if you are interested come December, get in touch with us then.

Novanet in a funk

Many of you will have noticed that we've been battling some problems with Novanet for the past few weeks. What started as an electrical problem quickly became a major disruption to the entire Novanet system, affecting the catalogue and circulation systems of academic libraries throughout the province. Thankfully things are pretty much back to normal now but if you notice any "gremlins" in the catalogue please let us know.

Remember that survey?

Faculty and students who were here last year will recall the extensive survey we carried out during the winter term. LibQual enabled us to gather much-needed feedback from you about our resources, our services and the environment we provide.

We were thrilled that so many of you (more than 1500!) took the time to complete the survey and that more than 700 of you felt strongly enough to provide us with your personalized written comments (you didn't need to do that to qualify for the iPod draw).

We are still analyzing all of the information gathered but we'll use this space to let you know what action(s) we will be taking in response to your opinions and suggestions. Watch this space!

We're all wireless now!

Last year, only the Reference Room and a few other pockets of the library were wireless. Not now! Over the summer we made sure that the entire building has wireless capability - so bring a laptop along with you the next time you drop by.
For information on registering with ITSS, go to

End of Summer hours

Here's how it looks till Labour Day...
August 21 - September 3
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

And for the first week back...
September 4 - 10
Monday CLOSED Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday-Friday 8:00am-11:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm Sunday Noon-11:00pm

Welcome to our first blog!

We will be using this blog to let you know what's happening at the Patrick Power Library and in the wider world of academic research. We hope to make it informative and informal. As with all blogs, everyone should feel welcome to submit their comments, express their opinions and share their ideas.

At this point we're not too sure where this will lead but we're willing to go along for the ride....