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January's new titles

Some interesting stuff this month. Here are the newest books, hot off the press:

Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies? / Nancey Murphy
Crossing and dwelling: a theory of religion / Thomas A. Tweed
Contemporary varieties of religious experience: James's classic study in light of resiliency, temperament, and trauma / Lynn Bridgers; foreword by James W. Fowler
Dream catchers: how mainstream America discovered native spirituality / Philip Jenkins
Oba's story: Rastafari, purification, and power / by George D. Colman
Islam and liberty: the historical misunderstanding / Mohamed Charfi
Black church beginnings: the long-hidden realities of the first years / Henry H. Mitchell
How to read the Bible: history, prophecy, literature -- why modern readers need to know the difference, and what it means for faith today / Steven L. McKenzie

Red Hugh O'Donnell and the Nine Years War / Darren McGettigan
Sudan: the elusive quest for peace / Ruth Lyob, Gilbert M. Khadiagala

A New Year - A New Beginning...

...etc., etc., etc. How was the time off? Great? Busy? Slow? Weird? Too much food? Too much drink? Too much YouTube? It doesn't matter. It's ancient history now. It's January and you probably don't have an assignment due for at least a week.

So drop into the library, see your old friends, exchange New Year's Eve horror stories. We open at 8 and I figure the lineups at the computers will start forming around 9:30....

Have a great term!