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You should see us now...

Remember those changes I was telling you about? Well, they arrived this morning! The curtains separating us from the Atrium were pulled back and you should see the difference it makes. Our entrance is filled with light and we can all see what the space is going to look like when the Global Commons is ready (in a few weeks).

We've spent the day moving furniture, supplies and people over to the 2 new service desks and everything and everyone is settling in nicely. The biggest change (other than the new desks) is that you can get to the Library from McNally again (everybody who's not in their first year knows what I mean). That's right - no more going outside. Plus, the other end of the Atrium is now open too so you can get here easily from either the Student Centre or Burke.

But the best thing is for you to see it for yourself. So drop over for a few minutes and look around. I'm sure you'll be impressed. And don't worry, the Just Us! coffee shop is on its way.