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It's been a while!

I don't usually post a lot in the "off-season" - there just aren't that many people around to read them (and most students want to forget about school stuff for a while once April is over).

But there's a big hole outside the Library and I can't ignore it any longer...

As you've probably heard, Saint Mary's has begun construction of the new Atrium which will enclose the area between the Library, the new Science Building and the Burke Building. Which means, as you would expect, that there's a bit of a mess out there right now (and will be for some time). Which means that getting into the Library these days, especially if you come from McNally or the Science parking lot, is a bit of an adventure, considering that there is a giant hole in the ground where Tim Horton's used to be. Not to mention the dumptrucks and excavators outside the Reference Room windows. Which also explains all that noise last week.

Of course, the atrium is going to look grea…