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Bibliographies now easier!

APA got you down? MLA a mystery? Then you'll be glad to know that the library has just acquired Refworks - a web-based citation management tool that allows you to collect, edit, and organize your bibliographic citations. Refworks takes the headaches out of creating your bibliography, reference list or works cited page.

It's easy: when you are searching one of the library's journal databases, you simply mark the citations you want, export them to Refworks and they will be automatically converted to the style you have selected (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian or dozens of others). No more trying to remember if the journal title is underlined or italicized, if the page number is included, where does the date go?

Everyone at Saint Mary's can create their own free Refworks account. For help in getting started, look for the Refworks link at the top of the style guides page on our web site.

In addition, there will be a Refworks instruction session this Friday (October 27) from 1:30-…

New ways to find what you need....

Some of you have been waiting for this. Saint Mary's faculty, students and staff now have the option of doing a Google-like "quick search" to find out what books or journal articles the Patrick Power Library has on a particular subject. Let me explain...

If you look near the bottom of the library's web site you'll find two new search boxes. The Novanet Quick Search box does a keyword search of the Novanet catalogue. For example, if you're writing a paper on women's work in Canada, just type the words women work canada to get a list of all the books in the catalogue which deal with all three terms. It's fast and it's easy. Of course, you can still go in to Novanet and search the "old-fashioned" way but now you have a choice.

Even better, the Article Quick Search box allows you to simultaneouslysearch seven of our most popular journal databases, including ABI, Ebsco and Sage. No more searching one database at a time (unless you want to)…

More new books in the library!

They just keep coming and coming...

Women, men and language: a sociolinguistic account of gender differences
The dragons of Tiananmen: Beijing as a sacred city
Candy from strangers: kids and consumer culture
Accordion crimes (fiction, Annie Proulx)
State of war: the violent order of 14th cent. Japan
Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world, 1750-1820
Nation of rebels: why counterculture became consumer culture
Citizenship revisited: threats and opportunities of shifting boundaries
On beauty: a history of a Western idea
The Fire Ant Wars: nature, science, and public policy in twentieth-century America
The Sauropods: evolution and paleobiology
Knowing poverty: critical reflections on participatory research and policy
John the Painter: terrorist of the American Revolution
Philosophy 9/11: thinking about the war on terrorism
Guns and butter: the political economy of international security
Missing mom: a novel (Joyce Carol Oates)
Light, freedom and song: a cultural history of modern Irish writing

This weekend's hours

For many turkeys (and probably a few chickens and some very unlucky ducks), Thanksgiving seems to come around awfully fast. Because it's now just a few days away, and because homework doesn't go away, we wanted you to know exactly when the library will be open, or not, over the Thanksgiving weekend. So here's the schedule:

Saturday - open 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday - open noon-11:00pm
Monday - CLOSED

Homework or not, turkey or not, try and have a great weekend.