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Finally, a new New Books list

It's been a while since I posted a list of some of our newest books. So here they are (remember that if you see something you like, simply copy and paste the title into the Novanet catalogue to get the call number and determine its availability):


The know-it-all: one man's humble quest to become the smartest person in the world / A.J. Jacobs

Good and real: demystifying paradoxes from physics to ethics / Gary Drescher

Reshaping reason: toward a new philosophy / John McCumber

Spinoza’s book of life: freedom and redemption in the Ethics / Steven B. Smith

Educating the human brain / Michael Posner

Euclid in the rainforest: discovering universal truth in logic and math / Joseph Mazur

Plato’s fable: on the moral condition in shadowy times / Joshua Mitchell

Intricate ethics: rights, responsibilities and permissible harm / F.M. Kamm


The Oxford handbook of religion and science / Ed. by Philip Clayton

Church and state in Canada / Albert Menendez

A church divided: German Protesta…