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Who Doesn't Like New Books?

Most of us do. They're interesting. They're stimulating. They look nice. They smell nice. O.K., I'm getting carried away now. But this is a library. In a university. Books seem so... natural.

And there are lots of them. Even in this digital age, there is still a flood of new titles being published at any given time, on any given subject. Some of them end up at the Patrick Power Library. They're here to support the teaching/researching/writing/inspiring/thinking being done at Saint Mary's.

There are a few easy ways of discovering exactly what new books the library has. The most comfortable (and highly recommended) way is to drop by our brand new reading area on the main floor (pictured). Enjoy the comfy seating, surrounded by bookcases housing our latest acquisitions (and a great collection of popular magazines and newspapers too). There's even a fireplace, to make it feel cosy and scholarly. Every few weeks, the books will be moved upstairs and a new…

So exams have started...

...and you have to study for them. Condolences/Good luck/Knock 'em dead, kid.

For students, this is a tough time. Even if you can see the (summer) light at the end of the tunnel, there's still those last papers to finish and finals after that. So there's some pressure, some frayed nerves, some long nights ahead.

Maybe we can't write those papers or exams for you, but the Library can help, in it's own reliable way...

Here's what we can do:
stay open until 1:00am every night - we've already started.
provide a quiet place to study. Most of the renovations are finished and we've postponed what's left until after exams because of the noise they make.create a comfortable reading area on the main floor, with new, inviting furniture. up newly renovated group study rooms. Check.
maintain the 2nd and 3rd floors as designated "Quiet Zones" where no talking it permitted. Always.and...

Here's what you can do:
be respectful of other student…