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Enjoy a New Search Experience!

On the surface, nothing's changed.  Our homepage looks the same as it did yesterday.  But below the surface, a lot has changed.  That white search box?  The one under "Start your research here"? It's a whole lot different.

The consortium of university and college libraries in Nova Scotia (you know it as Novanet) has invested in a new and better way to get access to our vast print and online collections.  Now, when you type some words into that box, it will be easier than ever to find the books, fulltext articles, e-books and other materials you need.

The new, streamlined interface offers many things we think you'll love, including :
 Immediate indication whether a book is available (or not)Just one click to get the fulltext of articlesImproved subject indexing Easy access to your Novanet account so you can request materials or renew loans online Access to LiveHelp chat for assistance with your research questions So the results page will have a new look and feel.  …

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