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Food for Fines on again

Fines for overdue library books. Everybody hates them. The people who get them and even the people who have to collect them. But they're a fact of everyday library life: without them some people would never bring back the books other people need.

So it's always good when something positive can come out of it. Food for Fines is an annual tradition at the Novanet libraries. If you have fines, just bring in a non-perishable food item. For every one you drop off at the Circulation desk, your fines will be reduced by $2 (maximum of $20). And all the food will be donated to the campus food bank so you'll be helping other students at the same time.

This year's campaign starts on Monday (January 17) and runs until the 28th. And everybody wins.

We've gone Mobile

More and more people these days access the Web with a hand-held device (think iPhone, BlackBerry or any number of other smartphones). A quick walk around the Patrick Power Library will tell you that many SMU students use and love them.

But navigating a web site on a 3 inch screen can be a challenge. Which is why there have been "apps" developed for just about everything under the sun. And which is why the Library now offers 2 ways to access our electronic self.

You can use our familiar, trusty web site or you can try our new mobile version. It's available at or just follow the "Mobile Access" link in the bottom left corner of the main site. You can search the catalogue and some of our most popular journal databases or get info on hours, contacts, document delivery and more. You can even read this blog!

We hope it's helpful. We hope it's handy. We hope it makes your life a little easier.

A reno update

I came to work yesterday and there was a giant orange wall running down the middle of my library. Fortunately, it is only made of wood and vinyl and it is very temporary. Let me explain...

Over the holiday break, the library's ongoing renovations kicked into a higher gear. While we were enjoying the time off, workers were busy demolishing the brick and glass wall which used to separate the Reference Room from the old lobby space. And while they were at it they took out a few offices too.

These, of course, are all part of the facelift which the main floor is about to undergo. In the coming weeks, the former lobby will get new flooring, new furniture, new washrooms and other improvements. Plus, the old Reserve Reading Room will be completely gutted and new group study rooms and an instruction lab installed.

Unfortunately, this means that, for the next few months, some previously-popular study areas, especially those conducive to group work, will be construction zones. We know this will…