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Hello LibGuides

Naturally, the spring and summer months are less hectic for us here at the library. Which gives us a chance to take a fresh look at our resources and services, even to develop new ones. This year Collette Saunders and Kate Stewart, from our Information Literacy program, have been busy creating what we think is a great new resource that Saint Mary's researchers are going to love.LibGuides are custom-made online research guides, tailored to the needs of our students, faculty and staff. We have them for 30 academic departments or programs, from Accounting to Women’s Studies! Each one lists subject-specific reference materials, journal or statistical databases, recommended web sites, new or featured books and highlighted e-books. They also include dynamic content such as videos, podcasts, images and RRS feeds as well as writing and research help, links to citation and style guides and tips on writing annotated bibliographies.You can find the LibGuides on the library's homep…