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Like Our New Art?

With all the recent renovations to the Library, especially on the main floor, we thought it would be a good idea to add some more visual interest to the space. Hence the arrival of some new art installations.

The first, a 6'x16' mural, was created by Nova Scotian artist Jamie Baxter in 1993. It makes a bold statement on the brick wall near the Information & Research Desk, as pictured here. It is an impressive, imposing presence.

The second, entirely different work, is a ceramic sculpture created by American artist Matt Wedel. Entitled Blue Flower Tree on Orange. it was part of an exhibition of the artist's work by the Saint Mary's University Art Gallery in 2009. About 4' high and 3' wide, it adds a splash of colour among the armchairs in front of the glass wall looking out on to the quad.

If you're interested in samples of other work by these artists, go to a Facebook page HERE or a web site HERE.

And let us know what you think of these latest enhancem…

Water pressure problems today

Apparently there is a water pressure problem throughout Halifax which the water commission is busy trying to repair. Which is why the washrooms in the library and many other parts of the campus need to be closed.

Some washrooms are available, including the Atrium, Science and Burke buildings. A bit of a hike but not too far. The library's packed today so hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

About that drilling noise

...for the past few days now a fairly loud drilling noise can be heard periodically in many parts of the library, some louder than others. We know it's disruptive and we know it's annoying. And we apologize profusely. But, unfortunately, there's no way around it.

This building is about 35 years old and some of the exterior is starting to show it's age. In order to prevent further deterioration and leaking, repairs need to be made to the brickwork. Which requires a lot of drilling. Which explains all that noise.

We wish it didn't need to be done but....

We've been told that the work is scheduled to be completed by October 21. For your and our sake we hope they're right. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

SMUSA's Education Week

...started today and the Library is a big part of it. Education Week is a series of events designed to inform Saint Mary's students about the various campus resources and services that are available to them. For more info and the full schedule, go to SMUSA's web site.

On Tuesday we will be offering workshops on how to use the library to get the books, articles and other materials your professors want and you need. We'll introduce you to the book catalogue and our journal databases as well as provide tips on getting the most out of the library's web site. If you want to learn how the library works, this is your chance.

Sessions are open to all, just drop by the new classroom at the far end of the main floor. They're being held 11:00-noon and 4:oo-5:00 (and "refreshments will be served").

Hope to see you tomorrow.