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A bunch of new books....

A lot of you enjoy perusing our periodic list of those books which have been newly added to our shelves. So with that in mind...hold on a sec...I forgot to remind you that many of these particular titles, because they are, by definition, new, can be found in the nice little new book display in the lobby. Look for the bookcase with the gentle light spreading a heavenly glow (read: yellow) over the accumulated wisdom and imagination of the many great minds who wrote their contents. Where was I? Oh yeah, the list:


Engaged philosophy: essays in honour of David Braybrooke / edited by Susan Sherwin and Peter Schotch

True to our feelings: what our emotions are really telling us / Robert C. Solomon

Presocratic philosophy: a very short introduction / Catherine Osborne

Plato and the virtue of courage / Linda R. Rabieh

Freedom and neurobiology: reflections on free will, language, and political power / John R. Searle

The legacy of Socrates: essays in moral philosophy / James Rac…

Yes, it's 2008!

Have a nice break? Did you miss us?

So, the turkey's history and you can't wait to start writing papers again. Or something like that...

A few library things (old news, new news) we wanted you to know:

- We're back to our usual hours: M-F 8am-11pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun noon-11pm

- Need a quick print job? Don't wait in line. We now have express printing in the Reference Room

- If you use APA style and you use electronic sources (who doesn't?), you should be aware that there have been some recent changes to how to cite these. For more information (they can explain it better than I can), go to

- "Due to popular demand" we're trying to find ways of making the library a little less noisy, with a little less conversation (maybe you saw the ad in The Journal a while back?). Do your part, keep it down.

Remember, these next 4 months will fly by and you'll be free again. Or something like that...