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Great News on Interlibrary Loans!

Ever had a book brought in from another library via interlibrary loan? Saint Mary's students and faculty can now take advantage of some significant improvements to the way interlibrary loans work. After lengthy negotiations, the universities in the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and western Canada have reached an agreement on resource sharing which will promote the easier movement of books and journal articles among the country's researchers. The most important changes are:

1. there will now be no charge for interlibrary loans of books among the participating schools
2. there will be a flat rate of $5 for journal articles, regardless of length - some of the larger research libraries used to charge up to $20 per article
3. the turnaround time will be 4 days which means that, allowing for shipment, books should be in the hands of the researcher 10-12 days after a request was initiated. Journal articles, because they can be sent electronically, should not take longer than 4 days.