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Climbing stairs is good exercise!

We knew it was coming - just not so soon. But as of right now, and for another 7-8 weeks, the library's public elevator is out of commission.

All elevators require regular maintenance (who wants to get stuck in one?) and ours is no exception. At the same time, the library's was in desperate need of a facelift (it was built in 1973). So this is one of those jobs that combines cosmetic improvements with mechanical upgrades.

The renovations should be completed by early July. But in the meantime...we've made the necessary arrangements to insure that everyone can get to the upper floors, whether to retrieve a book or to study.

Those unable to use the stairs will have access to our freight elevator. Don't worry, it's not one of those antique "looks like it hasn't moved in years" kind of freight elevators. Library staff use it every day. But it does require a key. So anyone needing an elevator should go to the Circulation Desk where someone will be ava…

Taking Spring (or Summer) courses?

Many students use this time of year to chalk up a few credits. Summer school classes are smaller, they're short, there can be a real sense of comraderie (you have a common goal and you feel sorry for each other) and they can lighten the load for next year. Or maybe you just need that to graduate.

Whatever the reason, whatever the course, this is just a reminder that the library is here to help. We're open most nights till 9:00 and there is always someone at the Reference Desk ready and willing to work with you to find the very best research material for your assignments.

Remember, too, that many thousands of online journals and e-books can be accessed from our web site any where, any time. And if you need any help with these (or with any other issue/question/problem), you can always get in touch with us at or 420-5544.

So good luck and enjoy! Those six weeks will just fly by...