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Friday Closure

And another thing on the Atrium project...

Next Friday, July 25, the Library will have to be closed to the public. There will be some construction/demolition of the area between the exterior doors and the main entrance doors to the library.

If you know us, you'll know that we hate having to close, for any reason. But in this case, we have no choice. We have been assured that the work will be completed in time for us to re-open our usual time of 1:00pm on Sunday.

So, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the understanding.

Atrium update

Following up on my previous post....

Construction of the Atrium is full speed ahead. And the coming week will see (and hear) an acceleration of the preliminary work in the area just outside the north end of the Library. This work will most certainly raise the noise levels in the much-favoured Reference Room. Here is the "official" announcement/warning:

Starting Monday, July 14th, there will be extensive construction noise in this area. Paving blocks and their base will be jackhammered out of the ground.
The noise will be of intense but short duration. You may wish to find a more quiet place to study on the third floor.
A small number of portable laptop computers can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk.
Of course, for the foreseeable future, access to the library is going to be compromised (see diagram above). You will have to enter via McNally. Which means that if you are coming from Robie Street, use the McNally North door at the end of the Science parking lot. If you are comi…