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Happy Holidays!

From all of us to all of you.

Sure this term has been tough. Late nights. Anxiety-ridden deadlines. Lots to learn. But that's in the past. Forget about it and just enjoy the time off. Next term will take care of itself. Worry about it when it gets here.

In the meantime, you've got a few weeks to relax, eat well, maybe watch a few movies, play a few (or more than a few) games, spend time with those you like to spend time with.

And we'll be here waiting for you when you come back. It'll be 2012. Endless possibilities.


Those three words just seem to go together. They have a history.

Libraries fit in there too. December and April are two of our busiest months as students fill every vacant seat in search of a place to get ready for those multiple choice/essay/take home barometers of their progress. Some exams are wake up calls, some are pleasant surprises, some are satisfying affirmations. All of them are tough.

So if, in the next few weeks, you're among those crowded into the first floor (I'm not talking about those angels on the upper floors working silently away like so many sixteenth century monks), how about turning the volume down a bit? Have some compassion for your fellow students. Maybe they're an hour away from their third exam in four days. An hour to squeeze as many facts, ideas, concepts and professor's opinions as possible into their heads. Notice the beads of sweat forming on their brow, the haunted look in their eyes, the nervous twitching. Try whispering.

And do…