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Yes, we're open on Friday

Different students use study week for different things. Some stay in Halifax and hit the books, some go home to wherever home is and hit the books. Some don't do much of anything, taking a break from all things academic, conserving their energy for that final push at the end of the term.

At Saint Mary's, staff also get a bit of a break. The last day of study break (tomorrow) is a day off. Most offices on campus will be closed. Not many services offered.

But we just wanted you to know that, in spite of all that, the Library will be open. We won't have our regular hours but we will open at 9:00am and stay open until 9:00pm.

So if you need a place to study tomorrow - or use a computer or borrow a book or get help with an assignment - don't worry. We've got it covered.

Our Mobile Site is Bigger and Better

Well, not bigger in that sense. It will still fit on your smart phone. It's bigger because we've added a lot more information, a lot more links, a lot more ways to access our resources. We've improved the overall "look and feel" as well.

Not only can you search for books, you can also retrieve articles from some of our most popular databases, like ABI, Ebsco, JSTOR and Web of Science. You can also find out when we're open, get contact information, read our blog or get live help with your research questions. All from the comfort of your hand held device.

Just look for the "Mobile" icon on our homepage or go HERE. Technology can be a wonderful thing...

The Study Rooms are for Students

Not library staff. We made sure they were included when the building was renovated. We talked about how big they should be, how students would use them, the kind of furniture they should include. We designed them. For students. So they could work on group projects together or just study together. We have 9 of them, they're pretty nice and they're pretty popular.

Which is why we're so disappointed that, for the second weekend in a row, one of the study rooms got trashed. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe. Cups of coffee deliberately spilled over the table, bottles and wrappers everywhere, chairs put on shelves, gouges in the walls. I've seen the photos.

When the study rooms haven't been booked by anyone we leave them open for groups of students to use. Because we trust them, that they are mature, responsible adults. Apparently some aren't.

We don't want to adopt more restrictive policies for using the study rooms. We'll see. But our cleaning staff…