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Journal Articles - a better way to find them!

Academic Journals, Scholarly Journals, Peer-reviewed Journals - we tend to use these terms interchangeably. They're all research-based publications which come out periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, 4/year). They're also, of course, the principal source of the latest and most authoritative facts and findings, ideas and insights in the world of academia (that's the world where you live most of the year).

There are tens of thousands of these things on every conceivable subject, from the straightforward to the downright weird. Titles like:

Journal of Artificial Organs
Journal of Artists Books

Journal of Applied Ichthyology (that's the study of fish, btw)
Journal of Cell Death
Journal of Cereal Science
Journal of Cleaner Production
Journal of College & University Student Housing
Journal of Cryptology (it's about computers, not vampires)
Journal of Conservative Dentistry

I'm not making these up. In fact, all of the journals above (and many, many more) are available to Sain…