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Back to normal

Finally! The renovations to the third floor have been (almost) completed - and just in time for the start of the Fall term.

I have been so busy emptying shelves, carrying books, shifting journals and re-assembling shelves that I have not been able to provide regular progress reports as we moved through the process.

But we have managed to accomplish just about everything we had promised:

- New flooring throughout. We have replaced the original 32-year-old carpeting with a clean, quiet and environmentally-sensitive carpet tile that also looks great

- The book collection (PR4000-Z) has been moved to the beginning of the room so that it follows naturally from those on the second floor and re-oriented to visually separate it from the journal collection and to allow for light to flow through.

- The journal collection has been consolidated to better reflect the university's current research focus and to better complement our growing electronic offerings.

- Previously the floor housed only st…