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See You in 2014

It's true that we'll be open on Monday (till noon, re-opening January 2).  But, for most of us here at the Patrick Power, this is our last day for this year.  So this is the best time for us to wish all members of the Saint Mary's community a great holiday.  No matter how long it lasts, or where you go, or how much you eat, we hope you enjoy each and every minute of it.  It's called a holiday for a reason.

It's been a great term - if the gate count matters, our busiest ever.  Which is a good thing.  And we expect to be just as busy next term.  Providing the things we provide.  Year after year.

Acadia Joins Novanet

For some reason, lost in the mists of time, Acadia was the only university or college in our province which did not belong to Novanet (Nova Scotia library network).  All of the metro schools, those further afield like StFX and CBU, all the community colleges, were all part of it.  But not Acadia.  Well that has (finally) changed.

For the past week or so a lot of cataloguers and IT folks have been busy adding the valley school's records to the Novanet catalogue.  They are now full-fledged members and they (and us) will start to see the benefits of that right away.

Apparently Acadia's great library had tens of thousands of books not owned by any of the Novanet libraries.  So all of them, and their entire collection, will now show up when you search the catalogue.  Of course, they will also be available for borrowing via Novanet Express (free, about 3 days to arrive).  And I'm sure Acadia faculty and students will appreciate the fact that the research resources a…