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Closed on Canada Day

Closed. Not open. Unavailable. There's no gentler way to say it. There are only a few times in the year when the Library is closed for a long weekend and this is one of them.

So celebrate, relax, enjoy. I just read (for what it's worth) that it will be sunny for the next four days. Cross your fingers...

Some changes to this page

Not a major overhaul, more of a re-shuffling of priorities. And at first glance it may appear pretty much the same. But we've moved a few links and added a few new ones. Among the highlights:
a direct link to our New Books page. Every month we'll post a new list of our latest titles (a fresh batch was put up just a few days ago)a link to some of the Library's official policies. This is new. We wanted you to be able to read our positions and procedures on various issues: Circulation (who can borrow what and how); Collection (how and why we acquire all those print and digital resources); Gifts (guidelines for donating books, etc.) and Noise (where you can talk, where you can't).easy access to the Mobile version of our site. If you have a smartphone you can search our catalogue, find articles and lots of other information.a prominent link to our Facebook page. Why not join us? Search: Patrick Power LibraryAs usual, if you have comments or questions on any of this, …

The Washrooms are Back!

Yes, the moment you've all been waiting for. The renovations to the washrooms on the main floor are finally finished. No more treks upstairs or to the Atrium. They're ready to go.

And that, I believe, is the last of the work to be done on the first floor. Maybe a few finishing touches. But otherwise, that's it. We think (and we hope you'll agree) that it was very much worthwhile. It certainly looks far different than it did before.

None of us will miss the noise, debris and general upheaval of the past year or so. Now we, and September's new students, can just enjoy it. Thanks for your patience.