Having fun yet?

Yes, it's a student's favourite time of year - exciting papers to write, challenging exams to study for, challenging exams to write - now you know why you/your parents/your wealthy aunt/the Government paid all that money. 13+ years of public education has brought you to this point. Everything you have learned, every teacher you ever had, every class you didn't skip, has prepared you for this.

So relax (easy for me to say), take a deep breath (it won't help) and remind yourself that in a few weeks it will all be over (for now, you'll have to do it again in April - yes, librarians can be cruel).

I just wanted to mention a few (somewhat) related things:

1. We've increased our hours during the exam period. So now, if you have to study on a Saturday night, we'll be there for you (at least until 11 o'clock). For all of our expanded, student-friendly hours, go here.
2. While your thoughts are quite naturally on the tasks in front of you (see the aforementioned papers and exams), don't neglect some practical considerations. I hate to bring this up, but you have to keep one eye on your "stuff" while you're working in the library. This is also the time of year (namely the "buy back" period at the Bookstore) when some people forget what it is like to be human and peruse the carels looking for books to steal. One student even lost a laptop this week. So if you have to stretch your legs (or Nature calls), make sure you take anything of value with you. Sorry to be the bearer of such a depressing reminder, but you know that safe/sorry cliche.
3. On a more positive note, I heard that all your papers will write themselves and all your exams will be pieces of cake (or cakewalks or any other appropriate cake-related reference). So that's gotta help.

And if I don't see you before then, have a great holiday (tho, at the risk of being overly analytical, any holiday is, by definition, great - what I really mean is that I hope your holiday is one of the better ones, according to your personal criteria - o.k. I'm being overly analytical now).


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