Some changes to this page

Not a major overhaul, more of a re-shuffling of priorities. And at first glance it may appear pretty much the same. But we've moved a few links and added a few new ones. Among the highlights:
  • a direct link to our New Books page. Every month we'll post a new list of our latest titles (a fresh batch was put up just a few days ago)
  • a link to some of the Library's official policies. This is new. We wanted you to be able to read our positions and procedures on various issues: Circulation (who can borrow what and how); Collection (how and why we acquire all those print and digital resources); Gifts (guidelines for donating books, etc.) and Noise (where you can talk, where you can't).
  • easy access to the Mobile version of our site. If you have a smartphone you can search our catalogue, find articles and lots of other information.
  • a prominent link to our Facebook page. Why not join us? Search: Patrick Power Library
As usual, if you have comments or questions on any of this, just let me know.


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