Like Our New Art?

With all the recent renovations to the Library, especially on the main floor, we thought it would be a good idea to add some more visual interest to the space. Hence the arrival of some new art installations.

The first, a 6'x16' mural, was created by Nova Scotian artist Jamie Baxter in 1993. It makes a bold statement on the brick wall near the Information & Research Desk, as pictured here. It is an impressive, imposing presence.

The second, entirely different work, is a ceramic sculpture created by American artist Matt Wedel. Entitled Blue Flower Tree on Orange. it was part of an exhibition of the artist's work by the Saint Mary's University Art Gallery in 2009. About 4' high and 3' wide, it adds a splash of colour among the armchairs in front of the glass wall looking out on to the quad.

If you're interested in samples of other work by these artists, go to a Facebook page HERE or a web site HERE.

And let us know what you think of these latest enhancements to library space. You can "Comment" on this post, check the "Contact Us" link on our homepage or use the (older technology) Suggestion Box. We'll be adding more art in the coming weeks.


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