Reference Books Online

Sometimes Wikipedia works just fine - if you need a quick, simple introduction to a topic. And you don't care how well it's written or who wrote it...

But sometimes Wikipedia just doesn't cut it. Like when you need an authoritative description and analysis of a subject, written by a recognized expert in the field. Like you'll find in reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, etc.).

Of course, one of the reasons for Wikipedia's great popularity is its ease of access as a web-based, 24/7 resource, always just a few mouse clicks away. Well now you can have "the best of both worlds": e-reference books. These are electronic versions of standard, high quality reference works, available remotely from the library web site. To access them, you just have to go to our e-books page, available HERE.

Some of them are available as part of a collection. For example, Access Engineering contains hundreds of handbooks and encyclopedias on civil, industrial, mechanical and other kinds of engineering. Others are available as individual titles. How about the Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, Encyclopedia of Geology or Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, to name just a few?

So the next time your professor insists that, "You can't use Wikipedia!" or you just want something better, visit our e-reference collection and discover how it can help you. Any time, any place.


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