A New Look For Us

Hard to miss the changes to our homepage, starting with the new background image. 

But the most significant difference can be found in the middle "window".  We've created a tabbed search box which allows you to find just books, just articles or everything we have (including DVDs, government documents, etc.).  Once you have the results, you should find easy-to-use links to the content.   It shouldn't take long to get the hang of it.

And you'll notice that we've maintained ready links to the Novanet catalogue, the "Journals A-Z" list (to find out whether we have a particular journal), and our most popular databases (like ABI or JSTOR).  We also offer a quick link to our statistical sources as well as comprehensive subject guides, from Accounting to Women's Studies.

We think this new format will improve access to our collections and make it easier to find whatever you need for your research.  But remember that if you have any questions, big or small, you can always ask one of our staff for help or advice.  They're more than happy to explain how these changes work or how they can make your life as a researcher easier.


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