Workshop on Scholarly Social Networking Sites

Academic research and discourse have both been impacted greatly by the rapid emergence of scholarly social networking sites.

Many members of the higher education community now use personal profile sites like ResearchGate and, subject-specific sites like Philpapers and Social Science Research Network or citation sharing sites such as Mendeley.  In addition to sharing information, these sites index scholarly publications and track citations as well as disseminating full-text. They now provide access to millions of scholarly journal articles.

With that in mind, the Library will be offering an open session which will look at how to leverage such sites to your greatest advantage. 

Associate University Librarian Peter Webster will explore the benefits and importance of scholarly social networking and its role in promoting open access and the impact on academic research.  He will also document the wide range of issues related to scholarly networking websites which need to be considered, including concerns about commercialization, reliability, inconsistency, copyright control and ease of manipulation.  The session will also look at transparency, standardization and quality control.

Here are the where and when:

     Date – Friday, July 15
     Time – 1:00-2:00
     Location: Room LI135, Patrick Power Library
Everyone is welcome.


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