A shorter list this time....

Here are some new book titles to peak your interest. Remember that, if there is a book about which you would like more information (call number, status, etc.), just copy and paste the title into the Novanet catalogue....

The Myth of religious superiority: multifaith explorations of religious pluralism / edited by Paul F. Knitter
Westward dharma: Buddhism beyond Asia / edited by Charles S. Prebish, Martin Baumann

A concise dictionary of first names / Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges.
Rediscovering the British world / edited by Phillip Buckner & R. Douglas Francis.
Nine visits to the mythworld / Ghandl of the Qayahl Llaanas; translated by Robert Bringhurst.
The secret Mulroney tapes: unguarded confessions of a prime minister / Peter C. Newman.

Marketing to women: how to increase your share of the world's largest market / Marti Barletta.
Small business survival book: 12 surefire ways for your business to survive and thrive / Barbara Weltman and Jerry Silberman
Strike! / Jeremy Brecher
The world's banker: a story of failed states, financial crises, and the wealth and poverty of nations / Sebastian Mallaby
Leaders who transform society: what drives them and why we are attracted / Micha Popper

India dreams: cultural identity among young middle class men in New Delhi / Paolo Favero
Rethinking Canada: the promise of women's history / edited by Mona Gleason and Adele Perry
Tomorrow's cities, tomorrow's suburbs / William H. Lucy, David L. Phillips
Seeking refuge Central American migration to Mexico, the United States, and Canada / Maria Cristina Garcia
House, home, family: living and being Chinese /edited by Ronald G. Knapp & Kai-Yin Lo
EcoKids: raising children who care for the earth / Dan Chiras
Circumpolar lives and livelihood: a comparative ethnoarchaeology of gender and subsistence / edited by Robert Jarvenpa and Hetty Jo Brumbach
Gender and politeness / Sara Mills

Literature and Language
Language, culture, and society: key topics in linguistic anthropology / [edited by] Christine Jourdan, Kevin Tuite
The year of Henry James: or, Timing is all : the story of a novel: with other essays on the genesis, composition, and reception of literary fiction / David Lodge
Science fiction quotations: from the inner mind to the outer limits / edited by Gary Westfahl; with a foreword by Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur Hugh Clough: a poet's life / Anthony Kenny
Collected poems / Patrick Kavanagh; edited by Antoinette Quinn
Slow man / J.M. Coetzee
Where three roads meet: novellas / John Barth
The way of ignorance: and other essays / by Wendell Berry with contributions by Daniel Kemmis and Courtney White
JPod: a novel / by Douglas Coupland
Telegraph days: a novel / Larry McMurtry
Everyman / Philip Roth
Consider the lobster and other essays / David Foster Wallace
Infinite jest: a novel / David Foster Wallace
Au pays de Gabrielle Roy / Annette Saint-Pierre
Critical injuries / Joan Barfoot
The time in between / David Bergen
Hans Christian Andersen: a new life / Jens Andersen ; translated by Tiina Nunnally

After the dinosaurs: the age of mammals / Donald R. Prothero
Full house: the spread of excellence from Plato to Darwin / Stephen Jay Gould

Oceans: an illustrated reference / Dorrik Stow
Frogs: inside their remarkable world / Ellin Beltz
Wildlife demography: analysis of sex, age, and count data / John R. Skalski and Kristen E. Ryding, Joshua J. Millspaugh
The evolution of animal communication: reliability and deception in signaling systems / William A. Searcy and Stephen Nowicki
Sleepfaring: a journey through the science of sleep / Jim Horne
The SARS epidemic: challenges to China's crisis management / editors, John Wong, Zheng Yongnian
More than human: embracing the promise of biological enhancement / Ramez Naam
Stress and mental health of college students / Mery V. Landow, editor
Building the world: an encyclopedia of the great engineering projects in history / [compiled by] Frank Davidson and Kathleen Lusk Brooke
Nanotechnology: science, innovation, and opportunity / Lynn E. Foster
Changing our world: true stories of women engineers / Sybil E. Hatch
Success through failure: the paradox of design / Henry Petroski


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