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A lot of you enjoy perusing our periodic list of those books which have been newly added to our shelves. So with that in mind...hold on a sec...I forgot to remind you that many of these particular titles, because they are, by definition, new, can be found in the nice little new book display in the lobby. Look for the bookcase with the gentle light spreading a heavenly glow (read: yellow) over the accumulated wisdom and imagination of the many great minds who wrote their contents. Where was I? Oh yeah, the list:


Engaged philosophy: essays in honour of David Braybrooke / edited by Susan Sherwin and Peter Schotch

True to our feelings: what our emotions are really telling us / Robert C. Solomon

Presocratic philosophy: a very short introduction / Catherine Osborne

Plato and the virtue of courage / Linda R. Rabieh

Freedom and neurobiology: reflections on free will, language, and political power / John R. Searle

The legacy of Socrates: essays in moral philosophy / James Rachels; edited by Stuart Rachels


The power of myth / Joseph Campbell, with Bill Moyers; Betty Sue Flowers, editor

Opening the doors of wonder: reflections on religious rites of passage / Arthur J. Magida

Vivekananda, world teacher: his teachings on the spiritual unity of humankind / edited and with an introduction by Swami Adiswarananda

Journey of the jihadist: inside Muslim militancy / Fawaz A. Gerges

God's terrorists: the Wahhabi cult and hidden roots of modern Jihad / Charles Allen

Women of God and arms: female spirituality and political conflict, 1380-1600 / Nancy Bradley Warren

Righteous: dispatches from the evangelical youth movement / Lauren Sandler

"Because he was a German!": Cardinal Bea and the origins of Roman Catholic engagement in the ecumenical movement / Jerome-Michael Vereb


Family / Ian Frazier

Five days in August: how World War II became a nuclear war / Michael D. Gordin

The Jewish enemy: Nazi propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust / Jeffrey Herf

Caesar: the life of a colossus / Adrian Goldsworthy

Portuguese oceanic expansion, 1400-1800 / edited by Francisco Bethencourt, Diogo Ramada Curto

Jewish Ireland in the age of Joyce: a socioeconomic history / Cormac Ó Gráda

Gunboat democracy: U.S. interventions in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Panama / Russell Crandall

Canada in Haiti: waging war on the poor majority / Yves Engler, Anthony Fenton

Green seduction: money, business, and the environment / Bill Streever

Evolution of the human diet: the known, the unknown, and the unknowable / edited by Peter S. Ungar

Bodies, commodities, and biotechnologies: death, mourning, and scientific desire in the realm of human organ transfer / Lesley A. Sharp


Class, race, gender, and crime: the social realities of justice in America / Gregg Barak, Paul Leighton, and Jeanne Flavin

Racism on the Victorian stage: representation of slavery and the black character / Hazel Waters

The politics of crime control: essays in honour of David Downes/ Tim Newburn and Paul Rock

Peacemaking: reflections of a radical criminologist/ Hal Pepinsky

Biological influences on criminal behavior/ Gail S. Anderson

Women & Gender Studies

A world full of women/ Martha Ward and Monica Edelstein

From where we stand: war, women’s activism and feminist analysis/ Cynthia Cockburn

Single by chance, mothers by choice: how women are choosing parenthood without marriage and creating the new American family / Rosanna Hertz

North African women in France: gender, culture, and identity / Caitlin Killian

Get to work: a manifesto for women/ Linda R. Hirshman

Multiculturalism without culture/ Anne Phillips

Well-behaved women seldom make history/ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Gender justice and the wars in Iraq: a feminist reformulation of just war theory/
Laura Sjoberg

International Development Studies

The anthropology of globalization: a reader/ Jonathan Xavier Inda and Renato Rosaldo

The Koreas/ Charles K. Armstrong

Violence, conflict, and world order: critical conversations on state-sanctioned justice/
Gregg Barak

The perspective of women’s entrepreneurship in the age of globalization/ Mirjana Radovic

Child labour: issues, challenges and laws/ S.C. Joshi

Globalization and poverty/ Ann Harrison

Understanding poverty/ Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee and Roland Benabou and Dilip Mookherjee

Political Science

Democratic capitalism and its discontents/ Brian C. Anderson

African American perspectives on political science/ Wilbur C. Rich

Incorrectly political: Augustine and Thomas More/ Peter Iver Kaufman

Muriel Duckworth: a very active pacifist: a biography/ Marion Douglas Kerans

Publicity’s secret: how technoculture capitalizes on democracy/ Jodi Dean


Big in Asia: 30 strategies for business success / Michael Backman and Charlotte Butler

Inside the mind of the stakeholder: the hype behind stakeholder pressure / edited by Ulrich Steger

Exposing the elephants: creating exceptional nonprofits / Pamela J. Wilcox

True to yourself: leading a values-based business / Mark Albion

The new American workplace / James O'Toole, Edward E. Lawler III

The ten rules of Sam Walton: success secrets for remarkable results / Michael Bergdahl ; foreword by Rob Walton

Towards North American monetary union?: the politics and history of Canada's exchange rate regime / Eric Helleiner

A billion bootstraps: microcredit, barefoot banking and the business solution for ending poverty / Phil Smith and Eric Thurman

Marketing to women: how to increase your share of the world’s largest market / Marti Barletta

Connected marketing: the viral, buzz and word of mouth revolution/ Justin Kirby and Paul Marsden

Beyond six sigma: profitable growth through customer value creation/ Gary A. Plaster and Jerry D. Alderman

Literature & Language

Standard English and the politics of language / Tony Crowley

In search of a grammar / Maolmhaodhóg Ó Ruairc

Hurlamaboc / Éilís Ní Dhuibhne

Muntaha / Hala El Badry; translated by Nancy Roberts

The Columbia anthology of modern Chinese literature / Joseph S.M. Lau and Howard Goldblatt, editors

The new European cinema: redrawing the map / Rosalind Galt

The romance of transgression in Canada: queering sexualities, nations, cinemas / Thomas Waugh; foreword by Bruce LaBruce

Bodies of tomorrow: technology, subjectivity, science fiction / Sherryl Vint

Jean-Jacques Rousseau : restless genius / Leo Damrosch

In science's shadow: literary constructions of late Victorian women / Patricia Murphy

Time, space, and motion in the age of Shakespeare / Angus Fletcher

Iris Murdoch: a reassessment / edited by Anne Rowe

William Trevor: re-imagining Ireland / Mary Fitzgerald-Hoyt

26a / Diana Evans

A companion to medieval Scottish poetry / edited by Priscilla Bawcutt, Janet Hadley Williams

Little women / Louisa May Alcott; edited with an introduction and notes by Valerie Alderson

In the Lake of the Woods / Tim O'Brien

A wall of light: a novel / Edeet Ravel

Missing the breast: gender, fantasy, and the body in the German Enlightenment / Simon Richter


Electronic brains: stories from the dawn of the computer age / Mike Hally

Nonplussed!: mathematical proof of implausible ideas / Julian Havil

MATLAB demystified / David McMahon

The tinkerer's accomplice: how design emerges from life itself / J. Scott Turner

Gene sharing and evolution: the diversity of protein functions / Joram Piatigorsky

Endless forms most beautiful: the new science of evo devo and the making of the animal kingdom / Sean B. Carroll ; with illustrations by Jamie W. Carroll, Josh P. Klaiss, Leanne M. Olds

Guide and reference to the snakes of Eastern and Central North America (North of Mexico) / R.D. Bartlett and Patricia P. Bartlett

Comprehensive organic reactions in aqueous media/ Chao-Jun Li and Tak-Hang Chan

March’s advanced organic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms, and structure / Michael B. Smith and Jerry March


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