Popular science journals available

Nature and Science are two of the most influential and widely read journals in their field. And they have been for a very long time - Nature was first published in 1869 and Science in 1880. The Library still has dusty copies of those early issues (and subsequent ones) on our third floor.

But times change. And so do we. We're now able to provide Saint Mary's researchers with online 24/7 access to both of those publications. Including the very latest issues.

How to find them? Go to our Journals A-Z list, located in the middle of our web site's main page. Enter the title of the journal you wish to read, check "match exact title" and follow the links from there. You'll find all the content of the paper edition, going back a number of years.

Maybe you're a fan of these classic journals. Or maybe you hadn't heard of them till now. It doesn't matter. It's now easier for everyone to enjoy them.


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