Survey of Undergrad Computer Use is Underway

The Library is partnering with the university’s ITSS department to try and find out more about the many different ways our undergrads use information technology.  It’s part of a larger survey being conducted at schools across Canada and the U.S. by the Educause Centre for Academic Research (ECAR).

All Saint Mary’s undergraduate students should have received an e-mail recently which explained the purpose of the survey and invited them to share their thoughts on how they interact with information technology and their present, even future, needs.

The University has committed itself to the ongoing evaluation and responsiveness of the hardware, software and research infrastructure it provides.   So the information and opinions which are gathered as a result of the survey will go a long way to informing the decisions made in this critical area.

More information on the survey and ECAR’s work can be found on their web site.

If you would like to know more on how the survey will impact Saint Mary’s, feel free to contact Peter Webster at or call 902-420-5507.

The deadline for submissions is March 25.


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