Dr. Teresa Heffernan Talks about New Book on Veiling

Next week will see another great talk as part of the Library`s Faculty Author Series.

Dr. Teresa Heffernan, from the Department of English, will be here to discuss her new book, Veiled Figures: Women, Modernity, and the Spectres of Orientalism. 
Here’s a description: “Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, public debates about Islam and the veil have become increasingly divisive. Veiled Figures explores how the clash of civilizations is perpetuated by the rhetoric of veiling and unveiling. Drawing on travel narratives, harem literature, and other stories, Heffernan argues that women’s bodies have been used to exacerbate the divide between religion and reason in the eighteenth century, the Islamic umma and the Western nation in the nineteenth, and Islamism and global capitalism in the contemporary period”.

The talk will be held Thursday, November 24 at 1 o’clock in Room LI135.

Absolutely everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served.


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