These computers are making me thirsty

Do computers sometimes let you down? Do they crash when you're writing a paper due in a few hours? Does your printer run out of ink at 2:00 in the morning? Have you ever longed for the good old days, say 1998, when you could register, change courses or get your class schedule with a pen and paper? Have you felt that way this week?

Computers are wonderful things - when they work! But for the past few days the computers at Saint Mary's have not been working too well. Here at the library we've seen a fair share of frustration/frustrated students struggling with slow or unresponsive Account Activation systems, Banner, SMUPORT, Web CT, wireless access not accessible and an alphabet soup of brokendown drives. It got so bad a software glitch in the Security Office automatically locked the library's front door at 5 o'clock yesterday-only 6 hours early!

Still, the first few days of Frosh Week are always eventful and we know that the university's computer systems will be well rested by tomorrow and everything will be just fine. Right? Right?


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